When and How to Hire Sales Talent?

When a brand begins to make sales​,​ it becomes rather critical to invest in the best sales representative since they need someone to make more successful sales. Hiring and choosing the best personalities is vital since a suitable salesperson will bring better customers to your business. But you may wonder when is the right time to put your money into the hands of a salesperson. Let's explore the best processes and timing to hire sales talent for your business.

How Long Should You Wait Before Hiring Your First Salesperson?

There may be several instances where you may feel the urge to hire a salesperson. However​,​ suppose you are just a start-up with no confirmation of when and how your business may produce results. We suggest waiting until your organization attracts leads and putting your money into the best sales development representatives. Employing a salesperson becomes essential when a firm begins to succeed and needs someone on its side to help it grow more.

What to Look for in a Salesperson?

There are countless sales representatives who are always ready for the job. However​,​ your business needs to choose sales talent with experience in your industry and someone who has the following set of skills:

Strong Knowledge of Follow-up Techniques

The difference between a proficient and a moderate salesperson is effective follow-up skills. They will be a step ahead if they know the significance of follow-up. It would be best to focus on the candidates' follow-up skills during the interview. If they are using efficient follow-up tactics​,​ hiring that person might be the best decision.

Competitive Spirit

Another top skill of a sales representative is being competitive with those around them. A good candidate will maintain a competitive balance by being friendly yet fierce. They should know how to use others' performances to determine the possibility of sales.


Optimistic employees face failure with a smile and tend to recover quickly. When such sales development representatives spend days chasing dead leads​,​ an optimistic person will never meet dead ends ahead of them. They will look for a way around.

Top Mechanisms You Should Involve in the Salesperson Hiring Process

It is also essential to choose the right combination of hiring tools. It will allow you to determine how an applicant responds to your establishment:

Behavioral Interview

The behavioral interview process is to let candidates sit in front of you and perform in the exact same way as they performed at their last job. You should ask them questions based on how they approached certain situations in the past; it reflects how they will respond to similar issues in your workspace. Asking questions is necessary since a candidate may look earnest but lack business skills.

Online Sales Assessments

Interviews and resume screening are the preliminary aspects of any hiring process. The only downside is that you cannot predict the hiring quality. The best option would be to use a blend of assessments for more objectivity. With the help of online sales assessments​,​ you can determine the applicants' overall sales dexterity​,​ real-world reasoning​,​ personality​,​ and traits. You can tweak the questions based on your vision and industry.

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